About Bill Deering

Bill Deering is a sought after Top Youth Motivational Speaker for Teens and College Students, non-profit organizations, corporations, and student leadership conference events across America.

Becoming a motivational speaker was not an obvious choice. When Bill was in middle school, he was often picked-on for his stuttering. By the end of his sophomore year in high school, Bill had no friends, had gained 55 pounds from turning to food for comfort, and was failing almost all his classes.

The summer before his junior year Bill made the life-changing decision to go out for the football team. It was the first time Bill felt accepted and included – and no one laughed at him. Over that summer, he made new friends who were encouraging and supportive. He learned that by being part of a team he could achieve anything. Bill lost the 55 pounds, improved his grades, and stopped allowing himself to be bullied. By the time, he graduated Bill had the admiration of his classmates and teachers.

In college Bill continued to struggle with stuttering and after he graduated, looked for jobs that did not require him to speak. That was until he met someone who suggested that stuttering gave him an advantage. The man said “Bill, have you ever noticed when you stutter people stop; they listen to you very closely because they want to hear everything you have to say. That is your advantage!” It was at that point Bill stopped living his life as a victim of stuttering and began living his life from a place of power and freedom. He discovered that he didn’t have to be stopped by the fear of stuttering.

Bill has tackled each new challenge in his life – from college, to his career, to becoming a motivational speaker – with a passion and perseverance that inspires all who know him. Bill’s keynotes have been described as “empowering”, “heartening”, and “inspiring.” Since completing speaker training with Les Brown in 2005, he has delivered his message of courage, power, and passion to over 20,000 people.  Bill was recently featured in Central Michigan Life for encouraging students to turn obstacles into advantages.